Mobile Beacon May 5 2014

Tuesday May 5 2014
 by Tommy Green – Mobile Beacon City Editor

From left to right are: Jeffrey Jones, State Legal Redress Committee and Political Action Chairman of the NAACP Mobile Branch Office; Ronald Ali, Second Vice President, State Conference and President, NAACP Mobile Branch Office; and Rev. Marlon Jones, Pastor, Franklin Street Missionary Baptist Church and Second Vice President, IMA, Church and Community Affairs

On May 5, 2014, Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance (IMA), National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and the Mobile Beacon (MB) held a News Conference at the NAACP Office located at 419 Lexington Ave., Mobile.

President Ali welcomed the guest for coming. He said, “We are promoting Truth & Justice on Tuesdays because this is when the elections are held. The primaries and general elections are held, and it seems for some time that there is apathy, most recently, in Mobile. It seems that we haven’t grasped how important Tuesdays are. This is a date that we can become activists. If we can develop an objective then we will have Truth & Justice on Tuesdays, I think that is a good idea for the NAACP Mobile Branch Office for moving forward. Citizens can make positive changes in the community on election days. We are starting today to put a focus on issues because we have to start somewhere.”

The discussion had a range of issues: (1) Educate the citizens to reduce apathy in the community, which will affect the mindset of our youth to become a positive force in the community; (2) Mobile County Black legislators haven’t initiated or passed any relevant legislation that has benefited the Black Community in years; (3) Rep. Joseph Mitchell (H-103) will be missed for speaking up for the interest of the Black community; (4) Today, Black legislators come to the community and speak then leave; (5) Information will be disseminated to the community to make them aware of the actions of their representatives; (6) We must support Black businesses, so our money turns over more than one time for economic development; (7) In the past, Black politicians have used the Mobile Beacon to inform the public; and (8) Why would Governor Robert Bentley refuse to accept funds from the federal government for health care with thousands of citizens in Alabama without health care?

The IMA, NAACP, & the MB are sponsoring candidate forums on May 6, May 13, May 20, and May 27, 2014. May 6th forum will be held at the Mobile Public Library, 701 Government Street. The remaining candidate forum locations will be made available at a later date. We would like to acknowledge Darwin Singleton, Reporter, Local 15 News for providing additional coverage.