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Reverend A. N. McEwen
Second Pastor of Franklin Street Baptist Church

From: Cyclopedia of Colored Baptists of Alabama (1895)
Charles Octavius Booth, author

McEwen, Rev. A.N., pastor of Franklin Street Church, Mobile, lately editor of the Baptist Leader, is a native of the state of Mississippi, where we haw born April 18449. When he was about 18 years of age he went to Nashville, Tenn., in search of better things than those to which slavery had introduced him. Here he entered Roger Williams University, remaining only a very short while. Here also he found and wedded a wife. Being controlled by industry and economy, he soon saved enough from his small wages to purchase a horse and wagon. This was the first series of financial successes by means of which he soon rose above poverty and want into comfortable circumstances for himself and family. While attending the services of Mt. Zion Church in Nashville in 1870 he was led to faith in Christ which he professed by receiving baptism. Shortly after he began religious work, and in 1876 he was ordained to take charge of the pastorate at Tullahoma, Tenn. Five or Six years after this he came to Alabama to take charge of the Dexter Avenue Church. Mr. McEwen, since his entrance into Alabama, has been intimately connected with all our state operations, educational and missionary, and no man among us has been more successful as a church financier. He has bestowed special care upon the education of his children al of whom he has reared for the most part without their mother’s aid, as she died when they were young. The Dexter Avenue Church building was constructed under his leadership.

This church deserves honorable mention. Rev. A. F. Owens led to the purchase of the property on St. Anthony street, and served as pastor for several years–1878 to 1889. Rev. A. N. McEwen, the present pastor, advised the church to sell and purchase at a more desirable point. They are now buying a building on Franklyn street, This church has had an earnest class of workers, who have made great and painful sacrifices for the cause.

Rev A N McEwen

Photo and text taken from the book:
Sermons, addresses and reminiscences and important correspondence, with a picture gallery of eminent ministers and scholars.
By E. C. Morris, D. D.
Introduction by R. H. Boyd, D.D.
Published 1901 by the National Baptist Publishing Board

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