Our Leadership

Our Leadership

  • Linda Robinson, Chair of Deaconess
  • Roy Johnson, Chair of Deacons
  • Voncile Cunningham, Chair of Trustees
  • Thomas Smith, Business Manager
  • Mae Miles,  Executive Assitant to the Pastor
  • Hazel Chambers, Church Clerk
  • Beverly Reed, Financial Secretary
  • Shawna Craig, Director of Children’s Ministry
  • Valerie James, Director of Christian Education Director
  • Keava B. Jones, Director of Choirs


Roy Robinson, Chair
Tom Smith, Vice-Chair
Anthony James, Secretary
Maurice Holt,  Emeritus



  • Linda Robinson, Chair
  • Vada Johnson, Vice-Chair
  • Jessie Robinson, Emeritus (Oldest Congregant)
  • Mattye Williams,  Emeritus
  • Betty Salfford, Emeritus
  • Tillman William, Emeritus

Evangelism, Worship, & Education,

  • Marie Coleman, Chair of Missions & Evangelism
  • Vivian Chambers, Chair of Ushers Ministry
  • Beverly Reed, Youth Ministry
  • Dr. Valerie James, Director of Christian Education
  • Barbara Scott, Widows Ministry
  • Lanetta Davis, Youth Ministry
  • Francine Craig, L.I.F.T. Academy

Encounter, Encourage, Engage,